Are you falling for Fall or freaking out about it?

I am one of those people who wait patiently for fall to knock at the door and immediately the excitement starts. I always look forward to many random drives I want to take in the fall to which my husband happily obliges. I am all about those sceneries around the country side, I love observing; taking in all the beauty as the leaves turn colors right before our eyes. I enjoy passing by a tree one day and its leaves are as yellow as gold just to come back and find them as orange as a flame of fire the next day. There is something magical about the way nature communicate amongst itself, where the trees listen to the changing of the season and willfully obey to the laws of nature, giving us a mesmerizing spectacle right before our  very own eyes.  The colorful leaves on the ground right before they wither seems breathtaking to me. With the coming of autumn, the weather starts getting enjoyable, you can actually spend a whole day at the park and come home sweat free woohoo. I love waking up go the cool breeze, the high 60 degrees outside remind me of home in the central part of Africa where there permanent cloud covering with only intermittent bright sunshine. I grew up only knowing two seasons, that was rainy or sunny, think of an alternation between fall and spring, I remember calling low 60s chilly and sleeping with double the blankets on those evenings, ish ish ish we used to shiver rushing home every time the rain will start and the temperature falls to low 60s … and then I met Mr Ohio Winter, I digress. Fall makes me feel like I belong to the northern hemisphere a little bit more and I appreciate a feeling of familiarity once in a while.

This season however brings with it its own challenges for different people. My husband is one of them, when you mention fall and pretty colors to him his minds travels a little bit farther straight to winter and that little thought ruins it for him (opposite attract right?) LOL.  Fall is also when the nights slowly start getting longer, the holidays start getting closer and most people start curling up inside their homes a little earlier than the leaving summer. It is that anticipation of winter to come that starts creeping into people’s minds. Some people do start thinking of the year about to pass, looking back on their resolutions with dissatisfaction, counting their failures and mistakes, wishing there was more time because they could swear they would loose that extra 10 lb before the holiday cookies kick in again, and some just plain right hate the cold. They dread the morning commutes where they know they will have to get up in the dark and drive under the street light to their cubicles. It is no doubt that fall does bring its own weight down on our emotions. I never really considered seasonal effect disorder a real thing until I moved to the northern hemisphere, the effect the weather can have on our emotions is no joke. My early years were a little challenging during the fall, there was always that unexplainable gloomy feeling that won’t go away with a pep talk in the mirror. Every end of the day will feel like the night just snuck up on me and the energy to stay out late just wasn’t there like in the summers, there was always a little loss of that joie de vivre that the sun of summer fuels inside of us.

For this reason, I always found it easy to try and spend those longer dark hours with the people I love. Make a little more effort to share a warm meal with loved ones during the cooler evenings, reach out to those family members, friends and neighbors that you know will be mostly alone. Just a simple phone call to check on their day will make their evenings go a little smoother, and if you are able to have get together for a couple of games, a heartwarming movie and a bowl of your favorite soup, I am sure it will mean the world to them; it did make my days at the time I needed it and it helped the weather transition easier. Company keeps the cold away, so let’s fight this cold weather gloominess together by cozying a little closer, hugging even tighter and snuggling the ones we love, for this I know will get us through the winter at the door.


27 thoughts on “Are you falling for Fall or freaking out about it?

  1. I envy those who have the 4 seasons, as where we live we have Summer and a little bit of winter … when we travel I love fall and some of my favourite photos are of fallen leaves

  2. You sound like you are writing a book while I’m reading your article. Great descriptions and very eloquent and the way you play with words. I wish I have that kind of talent. Lol! Anyways, I enjoyed it. Summer and Fall is my two favorite seasons.
    I like it hot so you can wear light clothes and enjoy the sun. I like it a little cold because it feels so good to have your pj’s on and just cuddle w our furbaby and watch tv and eat on weekends if not busy. Haha. Thanks for writing such a poetic story…

  3. I love fall, it is truly my favorite time of year. Although I live in Florida and we don’t really have a fall, the colors and aromas can easily be added inside to give you that fall feeling.

  4. Fall is my favorite time of year, with all the different colors and cooler weather. And like the other comments, Thanksgiving is on its way! Love me some Turkey, dressing and cranberry sauce! lol

    Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed this article.

  5. I love hearing things from your perspective… I never thought about areas of the world where there are no seasonal changes in relationship to SAD…good thing to keep in mind for counselors,

  6. Oh Denise! You certainly have a way with words, and are able to convey your feelings so eloquently. Your words are mirror to your soul, and you help many to put their own feelings in words. They also give a beautiful perspective to the seasonal change. I also love fall…..for many of the same reasons. It is a gentle reminder that a change is on it’s way without thrusting us directly into the cold snowy days of winter. A little respite from the sweltering heat of summer before the bone-chilling cold of winter. Tell Joe winter will certainly come, so just recognize and appreciate the break instead of borrowing the dread of winter before it’s time. Please…by all means….continue bringing us these beautiful stories!! I really look forward to them! Big hugs to you!

  7. I grew up in Texas and looked forward to Fall…it meant the end of a long hot summer…but now, I live in Canada and seriously, fall only lasts for a few weeks. I think it was a total of 2 this year. It’s not even mid-october and we’ve already had snow fall twice!!! eek! thanks for sharing!

  8. This is beautiful ! I could see what you were seeing – very descriptive! Love it. I also feel the same way about Fall- I love it but I also am dreading winter already !

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