A Breastfeeding Mom’s style Hacks For The Cold Weather.

So here I am again, this time talking about another part of my own life that is a little different from what I have been talking about lately. Today am talking about styling a breastfeeding mom, yeah the little humans’ feeding machine. What can I say your girl is a woman of very many hats, or in this case very many topics!
Breastfeeding is a big part of my life now that I have a little one and It is a very important topic to me as a mother, an advocate of public health by profession and an overall living human being, not to get into this too deep but everyone deserve to eat right? Let’s leave it at that …for now.  So whether it is for style reasons, modesty reasons, comfort or just for the sake of keeping warm, every breastfeeding mom who is about to head out with their nursing cutie has been in this scenario; standing in front of your closet (or your unfolded laundry basket, no judging lol) looking at every piece of clothing there and wondering how quick, easy and comfortable each of them will be once lovely milk machine duty calls while out in public. Am I right mommas? Good, it’s not just me again this time! Well I have gathered a few tips learned from experience and sometimes through my many style faux pas as a breastfeeding mom, which I use to meet most of my style and duty needs during the cool weather.

1. The high waist pants and skirts.
Don’t part with that maternity Jean/ tights just yet, they are still lifesavers. While they offer both comfort and coverage for the legs they also provide a needed coverage from both the wondering eye and the cool breeze when it’s time to lift the shirt up to breastfeed in public. Plus they help hold all the belly situation together, can I say thank you to elastic high waist!

2. The zipped or buttoned blouse
This one is my go to because I can find a wide range of great styles that look cute and effortless. The long zipper or buttons will give the little human quick access with just one simple zip away.

3. The off shoulder or V neck top
Well this one though a good option, can be a little tricky. You will have to be very careful on the choice of material your top is made of. I have had to give up some of my favorites due to the overstretched neck, no matter how off shoulder I try fake it to be, a stretched shirt just ruins the look out in public (of course you can still use it in the comfort of your home). The off shoulder or V neck in the right clothing material is my best go to style, it requires very little prep and you don’t need layers with it.

4. The art of layering.
This one is going to be needed anyways in a few months to come so grab yourself a variety of affordable tank tops at Target, Marshalls or Wal-Mart and use them inside your everyday shirts without a care, yes you can rock your cute turtle neck sweater and still have easy access when duty calls. I use the ones that have spaghetti straps that way all I need to do is pull up my turtle neck and bam, am feeding a human just like a boss mama.

5. The good old big scarf.
Okay when the weather changes no one wraps their necks as much as I do, I grew up under the heat of the African sun okay Lol. Anyhow, a big enough scarf is a cover up for both you and your baby and it also does its job to keep you warm while running around after your little one.

So there  you have them, my few style hacks, drop a line below if you have other tricks that can help us breastfeeding mommas stay chic and look good while making breastfeeding look easy.



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