About Me

                                        My name is  Denise Ingabire-Smith, I am an inspirational and lifestyle blogger. I was born in Rwanda, I lived through the Rwandan genocide and civil war. At a very young age I found myself living as a child refugee in the Democratic Republic of Congo. My painful and traumatic past took away a great deal from me. I have found the courage to cross over and I am still learning how to draw  lessons and inspiration  that help shape my present and my future, as well as inspire the world around me. I currently reside in the United States of America where I am navigating through the dilemmas that come with being an immigrant everyday. Throughout this journey I was blessed to meet the love of my life and become a wife, my first daughter was born in 2017 and gave me a tittle of a mother. I am a scientist by profession, I hold a bachelors degree in Clinical Laboratory Sciences and a Masters degree in Public Health with specialization in Epidemiology.

             I believe that we can not change much about our past and it shouldn’t be ignored, that we have the opportunity to use it as a source of inspiration, lessons for change, prevention and protection for our present and future. I also believe that life lessons and inspiration can be drawn from  each and  everyone of our daily life experiences; that is why I  highlight stories from everyday ordinary people on my website to share their  triumphs, failures, deceptions, achievements and success as their own to tell.

I am also a motivation and inspiration speaker, listener and learner. I offer services for specific targeted audience or for the public in general. My goal here is to be able to inspire someone somewhere somehow in a small or big way as we navigate this common journey we all share and call LIFE; that is the true purpose here on MY OWN.